Quality Standards

Safe and effective dry salt aerosol therapy services should comply with the following standards:

  • Staff receive proper training on the use of a Halogenerator.
  • Staff receive proper training on Salt Therapy room ventilation and therapy preparation.
  • Staff satisfactorily complete training on dry salt aerosol therapy covering: History of Dry Salt Aerosol Therapy (Halotherapy), Various Salt Therapies (Wet v.Dry), How and Why Dry Salt Aerosol Therapy Works, Types of Salt, Ailments, Conditions and Benefits, Client Assessment, Sanitation and Hygiene.
  • Tested and qualified Halogenerator equipment (dry salt aerosol generator) with ability of controlling both aerosol concentration, particle size, and speed of dispersement during Halotherapy session.
  • Proper design of therapy room to include heating, ventilation and humidification systems.
  • Therapy room size must be in compliance with the Halogenerator aerosol output.
  • Proper substance use of 100% pharmaceutical grade sodium chloride that is heated to remove all moisture must be used for dry salt aerosol only.
  • Temperature should be in a range of 68° F-74° F/ 20° C- 23° C.
  • Humidity should not be more than 60%.
  • Therapy room needs to be an enclosed, sealed space with a fixed/hard ceiling.
  • The halogenerator installed in mechanical or utility type of closet for protection and to prevent unauthorized usage or tampering.

Note: As with any therapy, we encourage all clients to seek the advice of their healthcare provider prior to scheduling an appointment at our BreatheReady Wellness Center. People with any serious lung or health issues should consult their doctors before using a dry salt aerosol therapy.