What Do Medical Professionals Say

There have been numerous European studies dating back to 1973 demonstrating that dry sodium chloride (NaCl or Salt) aerosol is more effective than wet salt (saline) inhalation. Dry salt aerosol therapy (Halotherapy) is commonly used today throughout the world with documented and consistently positive results. Dry salt aerosol therapy has been recognized in Europe for over 50 years for the treatment of breathing and skin problems.


Dry salt aerosol is an alternative therapy and not a medical treatment in the United States. Salt aerosol inhalation and the use of saline solutions are not new medical practices. Doctors have been using saline in mainstream medicine for irrigating wounds, tissues, body cavities and bladders; flushing of catheters and medical equipment; intravenous saline infusion for dehydration and post operative recovery; nasal washes to relieve symptoms of sinuses and common cold and hypertonic saline to help as a mucus expectorate.

Dry salt aerosol therapy is relatively new in the United States but is fast becoming an accepted alternative therapy to provide symptomatic relief of breathing and skin conditions. BreatheReady™ brings this proven healthy alternative therapy to mainstream U.S.A. using quality standards adopted from Europe and a revolutionary delivery process making it easy, affordable and effective for consumers to improve breathing and health of skin through drug free natural symptom relief.

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