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Why Choose BreatheReady Therapy – Occupational Effects of Harmful Inhaled Particles

Many Factory, First Responders and Military employees are at greatest risk of being diagnosed with respiratory illness or disease due to increased exposure to a variety of harmful occupational and environmental particles, mists, vapors, or gases that are inhaled usually while people work.

The entire respiratory system/lungs are living air purifiers that are constantly getting rid of inhaled particles. In the airways, an accumulation of secretions (mucus) coats particles so that they can be coughed up more easily. Additionally, tiny cells lining the airways (cilia) are able to brush inhaled particles upward, out of the lungs. In the small air sacs of the lungs (alveoli), special scavenger cells (macrophages) engulf most particles and render them harmless.

Repeated exposure to inhaled particles can strain and weaken the body’s cleansing process. Larger particles come in contact with the lining of the upper respiratory tract causing inflammation, irritation and possible bacterial infection leading to a variety of respiratory conditions. Smaller particles can travel to the deepest parts of the lungs (bronchial and alveoli) and get lodged or dissolve and may be absorbed into the blood stream. Your body’s defenses and ability to rid itsels of harmful particles is also impacted by pre-existing health and respiratory conditions.

Unfortunately, not all inhaled particles are removed. Within the airways or lungs an inhaled substance ends up and what type of lung disease develops depends on the size and kind of particles inhaled. If the lung disease is due to occupational inhaled particles, the term pneumoconiosis is often used.

Rely on BreatheReady Therapy

BreatheReady Dry Salt Aerosol Therapy is 100% natural, safe and drug-free. Therapy relies on a basic mineral – pure sodium chloride, commonly known as salt – to stimulate the body’s internal processes for cleansing the respiratory tract and strengthening lung function. Through exposure to negatively-ionized tiny salt particles in our carefully-controlled environment, our clients simply inhale and exhale to improve their breathing. Dry salt aerosol therapy has been medically recognized in Europe for over 50 years for the treatment of breathing and skin problems. This safe and affordable alternative therapy compliments conventional medical treatments as an integrative approach to produce sustainable results.

BreatheReady Therapy improves quality of life, naturally. Many people with respiratory conditions, ranging from seasonal allergies to asthma, cystic fibrosis and COPD, suffer from intrusive symptoms that impede their daily activities. While not a medical treatment, dry salt aerosol is a proven therapy that reduces inflammation, clears mucous from airway passages and removes build up of allergens and foreign particles, thereby minimizing respiratory symptoms that make breathing difficult. As a result, adults and children exposed to this therapy gain the kind of natural practical relief that improves daily living.

Rely on BreatheReady Therapy, it’s proven – it works. Cleanse lungs, strengthen respiratory function, improve the health of skin and achieve natural symptom relief.

Why BreatheReady Therapy Works

Pharmaceutical grade sodium chloride (salt) has bactericide, mucokinetic, hydrophilic and antiinflammatory properties reducing inflammation, clearing mucous from airway passages and eliminating allergens, thereby minimizing respiratory symptoms that make breathing difficult. Dry salt is super absorbent attracting pollutants and allergens throughout the respiratory tract reaching the sinuses, lungs, bronchi, bronchioles and alveoli, the deepest part of the lungs. The dry salt stimulates the body’s internal processes for cleansing the respiratory system removing build-up of foreign particles that cause various respiratory ailments and ultimately strengthening respiratory function.

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