Our Policies

POLICY AGREEMENT FORM – For the safety, comfort, and wellbeing of yourself and other clients, we ask you to follow the policies and procedures listed below.

  • Scheduled appointments must begin on time. Please arrive ten minutes before your scheduled appointment.
  • Therapy session is by appointment only unless annual membership or unlimited package is purchased.
  • Please stay in the therapy room for the duration of the session. Use the rest room before the session starts.
  • Do not bring bags or outdoor wear (coats, shoes, purse, school bags, etc.) into the therapy room. Use keyed lockers provided to secure personal items.
  • No consumption of food or drinks is allowed in the therapy room. Bottled water is allowed.
  • Please do your best to maintain verbal silence near therapy rooms before, during, and after a session.
  • The salt will not damage clothing but can be noticeable on your clothes. The salt can be easily brushed off or you can use our breathable robes to cover your clothing.
  • You may use electronics in the therapy rooms. Please understand that salt can be harmful to electronics and BreatheReady™ Wellness Center will not be responsible for any damaged items.
  • We advise removing and securing jewelry in the keyed locker. The microscopic salt particles might cause damage and BreatheReady™ Wellness Center will not be responsible for damage.
  • The use of any perfumes, colognes, creams, lotions or any other substances that may produce a fragrance are prohibited as they may have an allergic effect on another person.
  • Because of the risk of allergic reactions and respect to other clients we cannot provide service to clients that give-off an odor of tobacco. If tobacco odor is detected we politely ask that you reschedule your appointment.
  • For hygienic reasons, bare-feet are not permitted, please use provided slippers. We encourage all clients to wash their hands and use instant hand sanitizer provided prior to entering the therapy room.
  • A client must be 15 years of age to use the Skin Therapy Bed unless approved otherwise by management.
    BreatheReady™ Wellness Center is not responsible for anything lost or stolen.

Parents and Guardians of Children

  • Personal items (e.g. toys, feeding bottles, etc.) into the therapy room is prohibited.
  • We request clean clothing and clean white socks be worn into the Kids Therapy Room.
  • Do not allow your children to throw the salt, touch their face or rub their eyes as it may irritate their eyes.
  • Presence of a guardian for children under 12 years of age is required for the duration of a session.
  • Parents are financially responsible for any damage by their children to wellness center property.
  • Parents, please make sure your children do not bring in any jewelry as it may get buried in the salt.