Our Mission

BreatheReady Mission

“I founded BreatheReady™ Wellness Center with one primary focus, to create a company that would help people with allergy and respiratory conditions live a better life by minimizing symptoms and related effects on everyday activities through affordable, natural and proven therapy” Michael Power, Founder/President

Our Founder’s Story

“I vividly remember my terrifying childhood experience receiving an allergy shot at the age of six or waking up in the middle of the night having difficulty breathing because a damp summer night air brought on a bronchial spasm. And the annual sinus infections accompanied by seasonal migraines from the pressure that provided weeks and at times months of discomfort. My itchy red eyes, swollen bags under my eyes and dark circles are a permanent reminder of my ongoing battle with allergies, hay fever and sinusitis. I have tolerated and learned to live with my symptoms for over forty years. Reluctantly, relying on a variety of prescription and over-the-counter medication that made me either drowsy, mentally dull, hyper, or a feeling of being high. Most recently in 2012, I began experiencing coughing spasms that evolved into Laryngospasm. Laryngospasm is a rare and frightening condition. The most severe form of vocal cord dysfunction. When it occurs, the vocal cords suddenly swell and seize up, blocking the flow of air into the lungs. This condition was a result of using over-the-counter medication to relieve sinus pressure. These symptoms were accompanied by severe coughing attacks and an ongoing sinus infection that created unbearable nasal congestion and pressure. I consulted with pulmonologists, otolaryngologists (ENT) and allergists. After ten months of miserable symptoms, declining quality of life and at times life-threatening experiences I did find relief.

It was at this point in my life that I wanted to find relief that would compliment my existing conventional medical treatment. After months of research I read an article about Speleotherapy. I continued to further my understanding of Speleotherapy and its’ natural healing benefits of Sodium Chloride or otherwise known as Salt. Salt has bactericide, mucokinetic, hydrophilic and anti-inflammatory properties, which results in reduced inflammation in the entire respiratory tract, widening of the airway passages, accelerated transport of mucus, elimination of residual tar and foreign allergens, and an improved immune system. Speleotherapy, a 100 year old natural therapy that has evolved in Europe into modern-day Halotherapy or Dry Salt Aerosol Therapy. Dry Salt Aerosol has been practiced in Europe for over 50 years for the treatment of breathing and skin conditions.

It occurred to me that there must be others like myself that are seeking a healthy and drug free therapy to achieve natural symptom relief. In the Fall of 2013, I hired a market research firm to conduct an independent survey in the Milwaukee metro area to understand the types of breathing and skin conditions people suffer from and level of interest in Dry Salt Aerosol Therapy. A total of 2,136 participants responded to the survey; 40% of survey participants experienced debilitating breathing and skin conditions and a surprising 87% expressed interest in Dry Salt Aerosol Therapy. The most shocking survey result was how many people are living with debilitating allergy and respiratory conditions that negatively impact everyday life activities, relying primarily on prescription and over-the-counter drugs. I was convinced to start a company that would provide integrative alternative therapy complimenting conventional medical treatment that offered children and adults a natural way to breathe easier.” Michael Power, Founder/President