Reactive Airway Issues Resolved

I had pneumonia for the first time this spring and was left with extended, periodically occurring shortness of breath and my exercise tolerance was compromised. I had begun to use an inhaler with the pneumonia and it just wasn't enough to manage my periodic shortness of breath that remained well beyond resolution of the pneumonia. My doctor wanted me to add another inhaler. I wasn't opposed to it if necessary, however I wanted to try a more natural treatment first. I had six treatments at BreatheReady Wellness Center, and already with the first one, my breathing improved. I've not had to use the inhaler once since completing the treatment 5 weeks ago and my exercise tolerance is back to normal if not a bit improved! The staff is great, knowledgeable and I'm impressed with the extent of sanitary procedures. I have no hesitation to return again should my allergies and a reactive airway kick up again!

Mary Raynor

Inhaler Free and Wheezing is Gone

After a bout with pneumonia, my daughter was diagnosed with moderate asthma. Even though the pneumonia subsided, the wheezing never cleared up. She spent seven months using an inhaler and taking various steroids which failed to control her asthma. After receiving BreatheReady Therapy course of treatment we were able to take her off of all asthma medications. She has been asthma and inhaler free for close to three months now.

Holly Bauer

Recurring Sinusitis

I walked into BreatheReady completely unable to breathe through my nose. I refused to take any over-the-counter or prescription drugs to get rid of infection. In the end, I didn't need any medicine. After receiving BreatheReady Therapy I had amazing results. Complete recovery and then some. I continued sessions just to maintain wellness and freedom from inflamed sinuses. Two months later and I continue to have no recurring inflammation. Michael Power and staff are very educated about their business and have extensive research that is evident when presenting to clients. His personal interest in helping others achieve wellness is wonderful and just rounds out the overall experience. This investment to a better quality of life is priceless!

Kimberly Gray

Breathing Deeper, Sinus Infection is Gone

Had a sinus infection when I first arrived at BreatheReady along with shortness of breath. I would definitely say that my breathing is deeper and I certainly sleep better. In terms of the sinus infection, it cleared up. I definitely would consider visiting BreatheReady again if the occasion arises.

Anne Dreier

Improvement of Asthma Symptoms

I have suffered from sports induced asthma since I was a kid. This has become a more of a problem as I have gotten older and begun to compete at a higher level in sports. Since starting my treatment at BreatheReady, I have noticed a dramatic change in my ability to handle my asthma symptoms, and I can now breathe which a much higher level of ease. Also, since coming to BreatheReady I have become less and less dependent on my inhaler. I would definitely recommend this treatment to athletes who suffer from asthma symptoms or who are just looking to improve their ease of breathing in general.

Keeley Hayden

Eczema Relief


My 2 year old son has had eczema on his creases (knees, elbows, wrists) for over a year. He is experiencing a lot of relief from itching through BreatheReady and his skin is changing for the better. I can't wait to see what will happen after his full course of treatment!

Sarah Stanwood

Asthma Relief

I have had asthma and allergies for about 30 years, since I was a small child. My asthma was severe enough that I have been hospitalized multiple times and the traditional inhalers weren't enough to control it. It's incredible - under my doctor's supervision, I haven't needed to take my inhaler in over 3 weeks! I also have been able to reduce allergy medication use, although we're right in the middle of Spring allergies. I'm a little over half way through my treatment protocol, so I hope I will continue to have improvement. I only wish I had found this sooner!

Korina Flint

Annoying Sinus and Chest Congestion

JustinI have always dealt with nagging symptoms by letting them run their course. This method had never really been that successful for me, although I am the type of person who hates going to the doctor. Before BreatheReady Therapy I had multiple issues with mucus clogging in my nose and lungs. After a few sessions these nagging symptoms were reduced completely. I would recommend BreatheReady Therapy to anyone who is relatively healthy or not and who is interested in non-chemical treatments that get results!

Justin Beitlich

Chronic Cough & Sinus Congestions

I came to BreatheReady seeking relief from a chronic cough and sinus congestion. I am happy to share that my cough and sinus congestion is gone. I am continuing my therapy sessions to increase my sustained relief for a longer period. I am happy to say that I have achieved natural symptom relief.

Saleem Hamouda

Sinus Symptom Free

I became a client at Breathe Ready. I was reading about this new therapy by inhaling thru your nose dry salt. I decided to try this new method to get relief because all my life I have had severe sinus infections. I was given doses of antibiotics. Symptoms returning after 2-3 weeks. I also used wet therapy known as the nettie pot. I went to their location in Menomonee Falls, Wi. No sinus symptoms and full of energy. It was unbelieveable. It has been 3 weeks & I am still feeling great. I was told my breathing was better & no snoring while sleeping. I will return for more therapy sessions. Thank you so much Breathe Ready.

Carol Richards

Serious Sinusitis

After sinus therapy course I am able to breathe clearly through my nose for first time in one year.

Maureen Keppert

Nasty Cough

Last week I caught that nasty cough that is going around. I am happy to report that after the BreatheReady Therapy sessions, my cough is basically gone. My chest doesn't feel like someone is sitting on it anymore. The experience was awesome! The facility is beautiful and I felt like I was visiting a spa....and I can breathe again. Thanks, BreatheReady!

Tina Kastory

Keratosis Pilaris

I have been using the skin therapy for my Keratosis Pilaris. My arms are softer and smoother and have not needed to exfoliate. I am looking forward to continued therapy. THANKS BreatheReady.

Kim Power